How Much Return Can We Expect from Forex Trading? [Opportunities VS Risk]

Each trader have their Own Level of Risk Tolerance and of course, have a Different Expectation about Their Own daily or weekly or monthly Returns target. So How much Return can we really expect from Forex Trading? How much we want to accept a risk in every trade? How much return in other types of Investment? Are we really can make money from Forex Trading?

How I Made 49% Returns in September 2017 [Forex Trading Journey Report]

Welcome to Forex Trading Journey Reports, September 2017, where I will show you how I Made 49% RETURNS from Forex Trading Market in a month.
I want you to believe that with proper Education, Strategy, Patience, and Mindset, Forex Trading is a POSSIBLE thing to do. So get up, Start Building your own Profitable Strategy and get your FREEDOM.

If You are a Man, Try to be Women When You Trade [Forex Trading Psychology]

You are Lucky if you are a Woman Forex trader, but if you not, just try being women while you trade. Why? 

I do not suggest you to wearing beautiful dress and lipstick when you trade. Seriously it’s not necessary. You just need women mindset and attitude in Forex trading. 

There’s a lot of research out there about women traders and guests what, more than 50% trader in the world is WOMEN. And one more thing,  Women have higher winning ratio than man. Yes, they are… So what makes women better than a man in Forex Trading? 

5 Tips to Start Building Your Own Profitable Strategy in Forex Trading

If you think that Forex Trading is the fast way to make money or you can double up your money in a couple of days, then you might reconsider it. In fact, 95% beginner traders are losses. Maybe you already losses your money right now. So how do you fix it?. By learning from profitable traders. Well,…… Continue reading 5 Tips to Start Building Your Own Profitable Strategy in Forex Trading

10 Forex Trading Jargon Dictionary you need to know [for Beginners]

When you are looking at Forex website, Forex Broker and Forex Blog, maybe there are some words that you don’t understand.  Forex Trading have couples of Jargon that sometimes confuse you as a beginner. Here’s the 10 basics Jargon that you need to know as a beginner in Forex trading. I will make it as…… Continue reading 10 Forex Trading Jargon Dictionary you need to know [for Beginners]

3 Reasons Why Forex Trading is a Huge Opportunities for You

What is forex trading? Where and When forex trading is open? Why should we learn Forex? How can we make money from forex trading? Are those traders just sit and watch the charts on their laptop with coffee on the beach?